Design Principles

Andres Duany of Duany Plater-Zyberk (DPZ) designed Chapelton, working alongside a team of local architects and engineers, as well as the Aberdeenshire community through the charrette process. DPZ is the global pioneer of New Urbanism, a movement promoting the development of walkable, mixed-use communities as an alternative to conventional suburban development.

DPZ has successfully developed towns around the world using the design principles below:

  • New development should be mixed-use, with homes, shops, businesses, public transport and community facilities located within close proximity, to discourage car use and generate a sense of community.
  • Roads should accommodate all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and cars.
  • Streets should provide pleasant and visually interesting experiences for pedestrians without unnecessary clutter.
  • Neighbourhoods should include homes of many sizes, shapes and costs, catering to a diverse population and allowing residents to easily upgrade or downsize within the same neighbourhood.
  • Design and architecture should follow some regional precedents, respecting local history, location and climate.